Is Buying A Cheap Forklift The Best Option

When you say the word “cheap“.  It can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. For some, it can mean costing very little, or something is very low priced, it can even mean shoddy workmanship, as in that was cheap workmanship. But when it comes to buying a cheap forklift, you really need to give it some thought.

The old adage is true ” You Get What You Pay For

At the end of the day, forklifts are mechanical, they will age, and parts will wear out due to wear and tear, they will break down.

Is a cheap forklift the best option for your business

Businesses that have a need to move materials will have a forklift to move their product from A to B.

There are several factors to consider when it comes to choosing the right forklift and whether it is cheap or not.

Own V’s Rent

Whether a business owns or rents their forklifts, is very specific to their own requirements. But whether it’s a cheap forklift or not takes a little bit more examination.

Purchase New or Used

Owning a forklift, there are two choices, NEW or USED.  A new 2.5T forklift can range anywhere from low $20 000 up to mid $40 000. A used 2.5T forklift can range from less than $5 000 up to $20 000.

While the price can range widely, they will all lift 2500 kgs.  But things like age, features and benefits, condition, hours of utilization, environment that it will work in.  Are all factors that need to be considered, when making the choice on new or used.

Buying a “Cheap Forklift” for $5000 that is put to work in a harsh environment working 40 hours a week. Might be cheap initially, but not too far down the track it is bound to cost you plenty.


Renting a cheap forklift

If your business decides to rent, a 2.5T forklift can rent anywhere in the market from $100 per week to $200 per week.  Again factors that will affect the rental rate are things like, hours of utilization, the environment it is working, tyres being included or not being included in the rate.

A cheap forklift rental rate is fine, but the things that really matter here are can the forklift company that is renting you the forklift able to support and back up a cheap rate.

The first time that your rental forklift breaks down, and you call the forklift company and they take forever to respond or repair the forklift.

A cheap rental forklift can end up causing you a lot more in lost production time because you don’t have a forklift to move your product.

Ongoing maintenance

Whether you buy or rent your cheap forklift, it can cost a lot when it breaks down.  Maintenance is the one thing that business need to consider making any ownership decision about they forklifts.

When it comes to a cheap forklift, you need to do your research and consider your options fully.  There is a difference between getting a bargain that is cheap and getting a cheap bargain that will cost you.

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By John Redden

Johno has spent over 20 years of operating plant and machinery around Australia. He now writes about his passion for plant and machinery in Australia.