The Benefits of Regular Pressure Cleaner Servicing

Pressure cleaner servicing is something that not a lot of pressure washer owners get right.   First, let’s take a look at the several different types of what is commonly referred to as a water blaster or pressure cleaner on the market.

Although a more technical name for these machines is a hydro-jetting system.

What makes these units so unique and so effective in an industrial environment, is the ability to move large quantities of dirt and debris in a very efficient, and very clean manner.

How does a pressure cleaner work

The power of water being driven by an engine, creating a psi rating in accordance with the hardware of the machine. This force is then directed through a hose and lance and this culminates in a very high pressure targeted water dynamic.

Depending on the application of the unit, relatively cheap components can change how that waterworks. With 3 types of pressure cleaner nozzles being interchangeable, nozzles play the most important part of this.

pressure cleaning servicing

3 Different Types of nozzles

0-degree pencil jet nozzle

The 0-degree pencil jet cutting nozzle delivers a concentrated water jet projection that can be used to gouge or cut difficult stains and debris from hard surfaces. Because of the concentration of the psi of the machine, this is also the most dangerous of the nozzles and safety equipment, particularly steel caps must be worn when this is used.

15-degree fan/chisel nozzle

The 15-degree fan or chisel nozzle works at a 45-degree angle and this nozzle works like a scraper. It is perfect for peeling paint, grease and grime from surfaces and is easier to hold than a pencil jet, and gives softer but broader applications.

25-degree nozzle

The 25-degree nozzle gives you the widest and softest water spray, and this is perfect for surfaces that are more pliable than a solid concrete surface. This is ideal for aluminium, glass, and commercial vehicles.

Servicing Your Pressure Cleaner

So those are the practical components of the pressure cleaner.  More importantly, the unsung heroes of any machine are the engine and pump. These are also the parts that are going to be the most expensive to replace, both in terms of cost and in terms of downtime.

Yet, with a simple regular, preventative service schedule, this can be completely avoided. Don’t get me wrong, these little engines are tough, but they will lose water pressure if neglected.  Like any machine, look after it or lose it!

It is the same philosophy as the Hawk Series Pumps. These are a tough pump, made from expensive small componentry, such as brass casings, ceramic plungers and stainless steel washers and valves.

They are an intricate fix if something goes wrong, and this is what preventative servicing is designed to avoid. And finally holding these two together are the electrics. The electrics are really the conduit between pump, engine and operator.

These also need to be regularly checked to ensure there is absolutely no mechanical or safety issue, that can affect a workspace.

How to get your pressure cleaner serviced

This is why TRHC, after rigorous market evaluation.  Has developed an easy, set, and forget pressure cleaning service initiative designed specifically for water pressure cleaners.

TRHC Service + will provide, regular, manufacturer specification servicing to all makes and models of pressure cleaners.

You don’t have to own a TRHC market-leading pressure cleaner to take advantage of our service contracts.

It couldn’t be simpler to look after your machine and your operators, regardless of the brand of water pressure unit you may be operating.

How does pressure cleaning servicing work

TRHC will organize everything.  All you need to supply is your make and model and when it was last serviced (if ever!).

From this TRHC will design a custom service schedule that suits your machine’s usage, either hours or time.

All machines will be serviced based on the manufacturer’s specifications and using only genuine filters and parts. You will be given a reminder call and email 1 week before each service to ensure that the time booked is workable for you.

TRHC service technicians have years of experience in specific pressure cleaner servicing.  Make sure you have the peace of mind that they will be onsite for the shortest amount of time possible.

Again, saving the business precious downtime. No works other than servicing will be done without signed authorization.  Which makes sure costing is kept to a minimum and can therefore be budgeted over the year.

One of the other great advantages of scheduled pressure cleaner servicing.  Is that it often identifies issues that the operator doesn’t know have occurred before they become costlier.

TRHC Service techs have well-stocked service vans so that if any other issue is identified, with consultation and written sign-off.  They can then also do the repair or maintenance. This saves on travel time and call-out fees, and also again, saves any additional downtime.

TRHC Service + is a simple set and forget service application.  That can save you, most importantly, money. While ensuring the longevity of the machine and its ability to contribute to your business’s overall productivity.

In an age where time is money, TRHC, can take pressure cleaner servicing and turn it into their function ensuring maximum efficiency, productivity, and safety for your business.