Are Linde Forklifts Really Worth The Money?

The saying goes, there are forklifts, then there are Linde Forklifts.  Linde forklifts are a German designed forklift with roots going back over 130 years.   Linde is now part of the Kion Group and is a publically traded company.

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Why Linde forklifts are unique

Linde forklifts entered into the Australian Market in the ’90s and have since continued to grow in tough Australian materials handling market.  Linde forklifts are unique in that they are designed with a hydrostatic drive.

Basically, this means that Linde integrated the hydrostatic drive, hydraulic pump, hydraulic motor and gearbox into one compact axle so the forklift has less moving parts that will wear out.

With the current 392 Series H25T model, costing somewhere in the vicinity of $40 000 AUD (depending on specifications), and the second tier 351 Series H25 costing early $30 000 AUD, you need to ask your self are Linde forklift really worth the money.

Its worth point out here, in the industry bread and butter 1.8T – 3T bread and butter range of forklifts. Linde actually does a cheaper budget 2.5T Forklift, bought in under the Baoli brand, which is manufactured in China.

We’ve looked at this quite a few times when it comes to choosing a forklift for your business, there are two main things to consider :


  • How many hours are you doing per week?


  • What is the environment that it is working in?

Linde forklifts fall into 3 categories.

Baoli – Low utilisation – Up to 15hours per week – Light application

35 Series (also made in China) – up to 30 hours per week, and a medium application

39 series (out of Germany) – in excess of 30 hours per week and a harsh application

So is a Linde Forklift really worth the money?  To answer the properly you need to look at the above two factors? Linde forklift does cost a lot more money, but they will still pick up a load and transport it from A to B.

A high-end Linde forklift does have some unique features, over and above the competition.  When it comes to an outright purchase if you are wanting to use a forklift for 10 hours per week in a fruit shop.  You might want to consider saving your money and spending it elsewhere.

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By John Redden

Johno has spent over 20 years of operating plant and machinery around Australia. He now writes about his passion for plant and machinery in Australia.