How to understand Forklift Names And What They Are Used For

There are so many different forklift names.  And as a forklift goes by many names, people tend to refer to it as many different things such as a forklift truck, lift truck, fork truck, forklift.  But it's basically a powered industrial truck that is used to lift and transport materials in businesses.  Generally, it is the most common goods that are stacked on pallets. Forklifts can actually be traced back to the late 1800s, but the modern forklift was developed in the 1960s by various companies including the transmission manufacturing company Clark and the hoist company Yale & Towne Manufacturing. The forklift has since become an indispensable piece of equipment in manufacturing and warehousing operations. Depending on the country you are in, forklift names can also have many different meanings. Here's a list of the more common Forklift types : Manual pallet truck - It has no power system of any kind Walkie low lift truck - Basically what is referred …
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How To Manage Scrap Metal In Your business

If your business is in heavy machinery or any machinery industry, you will be familiar with trying to manage scrap metal.  This is an area often overlooked when you’re doing income streams, but if you can harness your scrap metal, you might be in for a pleasant fiscal surprise.

Managing scrap metal and machinery, go hand in hand really.  After all the machinery you have in your fleet, at some stage will move it or become it so it is sensible to try to understand it better.

What is Scrap Metal

Put simply, scrap metal is the combination of waste metal and any product that contains metal that is capable of being recycled from previous consumption or product manufacturing. ... These scrap metals can be reused again and again.

They are the definition of recycling in a practical sense.  It requires considerable processing however to get a raw scrap met…

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Is Buying A Cheap Forklift The Best Option

When you say the word "cheap".  It can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. For some, it can mean costing very little, or something is very low priced, it can even mean shoddy workmanship, as in that was cheap workmanship. But when it comes to buying a cheap forklift, you really need to give it some thought. The old adage is true " You Get What You Pay For" At the end of the day, forklifts are mechanical, they will age, and parts will wear out due to wear and tear, they will break down. Is a cheap forklift the best option for your business Businesses that have a need to move materials will have a forklift to move their product from A to B. There are several factors to consider when it comes to choosing the right forklift and whether it is cheap or not. Own V's Rent Whether a business owns or rents their forklifts, is very specific to their own requirements. But whether it's a cheap forklift or not takes a little bit more examination. Purcha…
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5 Top Small motors Brands and Their Uses

Small motors are crucial in performing day-to-day tasks. With the advancement in technology, various machines have been developed to perform tasks that used to be done manually, making small motors very useful. In this article, we have listed the top five small motors brands and their uses. Browse and learn more about these small motors brands. Honda small motors Honda originally established in 1946 in Japan to develop small, efficient internal combustion engines.   The company has grown into a multinational conglomerate making a wide range of products.  Becoming a market leader in motorcycles and cars. The Honda small motors range is now the world’s most trusted engine.  With over 60 manufacturing facilities across the globe, more manufacturers put their trust in Honda to power their products, whether it be for land, sea, or air, than any other brand. Honda has developed a great range of small motors that power a lot of small powered tools.  Including the GX, GXV, V-Tw…
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How To Inspect Lift Chain Tensioner Lock Nuts On A Crown SX

The crown SX Series walkie straddle stackers offer a very safe, productive and cost-effective solution when you need to maximise your storage space and improve efficiency in your business.

Just like all equipment the Crown SX range needs regular maintenance to ensure maximum life.

Simple maintenance procedures inspect lift chain tensioner lock nuts on a crown SX can end up saving you money in the long run.

We have a wide range of Crown service manuals available for immediate download.  You can browse the Crown manual library by clicking here. Let's take a look at how to do a very simple maintenance procedure on Crown SX stacker that will leave your business money. How to Inspect lift chain tensioner lock nuts To ensure the lift chain tensioners are secure the following inspection needs to be performed: Raise tynes so both the top and bottom lift chain tensi…
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The Benefits of Regular Pressure Cleaner Servicing

Pressure cleaner servicing is something that not a lot of pressure washer owners get right.   First, let's take a look at the several different types of what is commonly referred to as a water blaster or pressure cleaner on the market. Although a more technical name for these machines is a hydro-jetting system. What makes these units so unique and so effective in an industrial environment, is the ability to move large quantities of dirt and debris in a very efficient, and very clean manner. How does a pressure cleaner work The power of water being driven by an engine, creating a psi rating in accordance with the hardware of the machine. This force is then directed through a hose and lance and this culminates in a very high pressure targeted water dynamic. Depending on the application of the unit, relatively cheap components can change how that waterworks. With 3 types of pressure cleaner nozzles being interchangeable, nozzles play the most important part of this. …
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Buying A Used Forklift Verse Buying A Chinese Forklift

Its been the last ten years or so in Australia that we've seen an explosion of Chinese import forklifts. We've taken a look at the Chinese made forklifts before, and the guiding principle here as with anything is, you get what you pay for.  Whether you are looking at you buying second-hand forklifts or new We wanted to take a look at a few things you might want to consider when buying a second-hand forklift or buying a refurbished used forklift. It's really important to compare apples with apple when you looking at purchasing a new Chinese model or a refurbished second-hand model.  So make sure you know what you need the forklift for so consider lift height, fuel type e.t.c when looking at your purchase. Why buy a Chinese forklift A new 2.5T Chinese made forklift, with a 3000mm mast, petrol will retail for about $14 999 at the bottom end and up to $19 000 at the top end of the Chinese product market.  You should find that they will generally come with a minimum 12-m…
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Are Linde Forklifts Really Worth The Money?

The saying goes, there are forklifts, then there are Linde Forklifts.  Linde forklifts are a German designed forklift with roots going back over 130 years.   Linde is now part of the Kion Group and is a publically traded company. Why Linde forklifts are unique Linde forklifts entered into the Australian Market in the '90s and have since continued to grow in tough Australian materials handling market.  Linde forklifts are unique in that they are designed with a hydrostatic drive. Basically, this means that Linde integrated the hydrostatic drive, hydraulic pump, hydraulic motor and gearbox into one compact axle so the forklift has less moving parts that will wear out. With the current 392 Series H25T model, costing somewhere in the vicinity of $40 000 AUD (depending on specifications), and the second tier 351 Series H25 costing early $30 000 AUD, you need to ask your self are Linde forklift really worth the money. Its worth point out here, in the industry bread and…
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Ultimate Guide To Buying The Best Pressure Cleaner

Pressure cleaners are designed to concentrate water in a stream directed at any surface via a lance.  They are great for cleaning any dirty surface like mossy tiles or dirt-covered concrete.  Today we give you the ultimate guide to buying the best pressure cleaner for your needs. How does a pressure cleaner work? Pressure cleaners tend to go by a few different names, like pressure washers or water blasters.  Although they are all designed very similar. Generally, they have a water pump and a motor that will take in water from a source.  Which then uses the pump to push the water through a hose and out a lance or gun, at high pressure. The best pressure cleaner will work wonders compared to scrubbing with a brush or broom. Without a doubt they are the quickest and most effective way to clean, anything from, heavily soiled areas, dirty tiles, grimy or stained paving and paths, cars, or plant and machinery. Can I get pressure cleaner attachments? Yes, you can.  There…
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Having The Right Forklift Tyres, Can Save Your Business Money

Having the right forklift tyres on your forklift is something that forklift owners often don't think about. But it is the one thing on a forklift that can save your business a lot of operational costs. The most common types of forklift tyres are: Pneumatic tyres - think of these being just like your car tyres. They have a tube filled with air Solid tyres - these tyres are generally referred to as Puncture Proof, and are a solid rubber filled pneumatic profile tyre Different tyres from different manufacturers will or vary, with different ply ratings, made from different compounds and will have a different tread pattern. When choosing your forklift it is important to make sure that the right tyres are used in the right application. By making sure your forklift tyres remain in good shape, it can really help reduce wear and tear on the forklift transmission, fuel efficiency is improved and the forklift driver will have a much more comfortable ride. Applicat…
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