Clear View LPG Bottles Have Been Invented

Its finally been invented clear view LPG bottles, for use on all types of equipment like a forklift.     How many times, have you had you operator come to you and say we’re out of gas, or you’ve been on a forklift that dies suddenly when you have a truck driver waiting to be unloaded. It’s the most common complaint, but thankfully someone has finally come up with a solution.  Clear view LPG GAS bottles, offer clear advantages over outdated metal LPG bottles. The visible propane bottle has no surprises for fuel levels They are up to 50% lighter than steel tanks Rust and corrosion free Fire tested for proven safety Ergonomic handle & tip-proof base Safe – UL & DOT approved. They are also in other sizes, and YES you can get one to fit your BBQ. Should you try Clear View LPG bottles Companies that are making these composite LPG cylinders like Aburi Composites.  Have changed the LPG Cylinder market with these new generation IV cylinders. Th…
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Try Private Equipment Sales Instead Of Trading In

Every piece of equipment is made to do a job.  In some way or another, they either make, dig lift, of shift materials.  But machinery wears out, equipment ages, equipment technology becomes obsolete, and sometimes you need to just sell your equipment.  If you've made the decision to sell your equipment, there are things that you need to consider to get the best value possible with equipment sales. Why private equipment sales can make save you more money Are you selling or updating your plant or machinery Making the decision if you are wanting to trade-in your existing equipment on newer equipment,  or selling your equipment outright because you no longer have a need for it, will make a big difference in the return you can expect. If you are wanting to update your equipment.  When you trade-in equipment, it will always present more value to any equipment dealer.  As it allows them to manage their margin, with a new equipment sale in the deal. Just selling your plant…
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What Is The Difference Between Rough Terrain Forklifts and Conventional Forklifts

Just like cars, you can get a 4Wd version of most plant and machinery. Forklifts are no different, there are rough terrain forklifts which are designed completely different from a conventional forklift. Rough terrain forklifts and Conventional forklifts If you find yourself needing a forklift to work unloading a truck on a concrete floor, in your small warehouse. Pretty much what you will end up with is a conventional forklift, doesn't matter if its a Battery electric forklift or an LPG, 3 wheels or 4 wheels. But what about if you need to take a load off-road, maybe your working in a farming environment, a dirt yard, that when it rains will bog a conventional forklift or take it down a dirt track on a building project. The answer is simple you need a rough terrain forklift. Here's the biggest difference between a rough terrain forklift and a conventional forklift. Capacities are generally the same If you need a 2 500 kg forklift you can certainly get both a rou…
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Work Assist Vehicles Compared to Order Pickers

Work assist vehicles have been in the Australian market for some time now.  They are designed for use in small warehousing or retail shops where it allows an operator to travel, the length of an aisle while lift themselves up to restock shelves. By their nature, they combine faster travel and a faster way for an operator to restock shelves.  As they make what can be a labour intensive two-person job, a lot quicker by cutting labour in half. As well, it provides a safer way for operators to lift heavy packages into place, then climbing up a ladder with a box.  They are also referred to as vertical lifts. Do I need a licence to operate one No, you do not.  Work Assist Vehicles are designed under the Elevated Work Platform standards AS 1415.  Essentially they are a version of an Elevated Work Platform and fall under the same licencing standard. How high do they lift Depending on the specifications of the work assist vehicles they generally lift up to 5 meters. What …
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Can You Still Buy A Nissan Forklift

The Nissan forklift is no more. Nissan as a brand made the decision to get out of the industrial equipment market way back before 2012. A Nissan forklift or a Nissan engine was one of the most popular forklifts and engines out there. But the Nissan brand name is soon to be a forgotten brand in the Australian industrial equipment market. What happened to the Nissan forklift? A Nissan forklift has now been rebranded as Unicarriers, and the Nissan engine is now known as GCT, which stands for Global Components Technology.  A wholly-owned subsidiary of Unicarriers. The Nissan K21 and Nissan K25 engine perhaps the most popular engines in the world is now known as the GCT K21 or K25. A K21 or K25 engine can still be found in Caterpillar, Nissan, Kalmar, Mitsubishi, TCM forklifts The Nissan forklift made what was known as a Nissan P1F2A25DU and is now known as the Unicarriers P1F2a25DU. Same nuts and bolts that make it, just a different name. What about spare part…
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How To Choose The Right Equipment Finance For Your Business

When it comes to sourcing the right piece of equipment for your business, there are some many different things to consider such as load capacity, lift height, fuel preference, type of tyres, operator comfort, just to name a few.  But what is often one of the most neglected things that people overlook, is equipment finance. Business Growth Finance is an industry-leading specialist equipment financer that can provide plenty of different options when it comes to the way you can actually finance equipment for your business. Different ways to finance equipment Capital purchase The most obvious way is to pay for your equipment upfront, is with your own capital. Depending on what type of equipment you are financing, new or used, small or big. This often involves either you going to a bank and financing the full amount with a bank loan or taking the money out of your own account and paying for it.  When you buy equipment outright, you are responsible for the repairs and ma…
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What You Really Need To Know When Buying Plant And Machinery

People buying plant and machinery do it in many different ways.  From private sales to buying from dealers.  Usually, they start with doing equipment research online, or even just jumping in and driving a demo unit. What you need to know about buying plant and machinery Research, research, research.  Its the key to making sure your buying plant and machinery for the right purpose.  We want to look at what you really need to know about buying plant and machinery for your business or even for private use. Why you need to know what you are doing With workplace, health and safety laws and general legislation for using, selling or buying plant and machinery.  The whole process has become a minefield. At the moment you can sell a second hand used 2500kg forklift with no inspection required. However, if you wanted to buy a 2500 kgs Telhander you would need a 12-month annual inspection and 10-year engineering approved inspection to be able to buy or sell that same piece o…
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8 Tips To Properly Store A Forklift

It happens with equipment all the time, forklifts are no different.  Sometimes you need to store a forklift for a short time.  Unfortunately, it's really common to see plenty of forklifts stuck in the corner and forgotten about. How to store a forklift properly It's the absolute worst thing you can do to a piece of machinery especially a forklift. So here are eight tips for properly store a forklift. Generally, the following storage procedures are for conditions and temperatures above 0° C (32_F). Just adjust these procedures to suit any local conditions and any changes in conditions during the storage. It starts with the necessary preparation The preparation necessary for storage is always determined from the following conditions: Short term storage is from one to six months Long term storage is over six months Storage Location - A lift truck stored indoors will not require as much external protection as a lift truck stored outdoors. Short Term Forklif…
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Should You Buy A Grey Import Telescopic Handler?

Telescopic handlers have rapidly become one of the most versatile pieces of equipment in use, in the construction or agricultural industries.  But there is a risk when buying any piece of equipment.  That is certainly the case when you are looking at buying a telescopic handler. We want to take a look at if you should buy a grey import telescopic handler. Why does it matter Telescopic handlers that are sold in Australia need to be compliant with the latest WH&S legislation in meeting the relevant Australian Standards and regulations. Buying a new or used telescopic handler in Australia that despite what the seller tells you, doesn’t comply to the Australian standards related to manufacturing & safety is referred to a ‘grey import' or “parallel import”. Buy buying a non-compliant grey import telescopic handler increases you, the company that you work for and operators risk of accident or incident. So let's get into explaining the risks and what the dangers you…
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The truth about LPG inspections for Forklift and Industrial Engines

The Australian standard AS4983-2003 was originally designed to cover the installing of LP-Gas and CNG fuel systems for forklift and industrial engines.  It also is very clear in what you and your business obligations.  To ensure that the fuel system has regular annual LP-Gas inspections to endure it has not deteriorated to unacceptable degrees.  Read this article to learn what you need to do every 12 months for LPG inspections in forklift and industrial engines. What is required for annual LPG inspections The standard specifies that the following annual checks should be carried out:- Leakage check Make sure you check that there are no obvious leaks.  Usually, you will get some smell that comes with a leak. Fuel container/cylinder life It is as simple as checking the container/cylinder date stamp.  If it exceeds the retest date before the next annual inspection, you then need to initiate the procedures for reinspection and recertification in accordance with the relevan…
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